Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Landing The Job Is About

I've finally finished Landing the Internship or Full-Time Job During College. The publisher just sent me the first ten copies. I have to admit it looks quite impressive even though I've read my own book at least a dozen times.

Now that the book is finalized, I've decided to start this blog to continue sharing news, experiences, and tips regarding career mobility. The reason I wrote the book was because I feel there is a tremendous gap in the literature covering the subject. Most career books are written by university deans, career counselors, or hiring managers which certainly are qualified to speak on the subject. However, there is virtually nothing out there written by the people that have actually landed the top jobs in recent years. That is the perspective I attempted to capture in the book. I have found researching this perspective to be one of the most amazing endeavors I've ever pursued (and hope to continue in the coming years). After interviewing the best new-hires from some of the finest employers of our time, I found that their attitudes are often bold, their interviewing techniques are often unconventional, and they have a natural passion for their field which can win over employers even when they are unqualified.

I hope to continue where the book has left off with this blog--providing the prospective of our generation as the information age forges ahead.